Why Word of Mouth?

A business is only as strong as the individuals it employs. Resourcing and attracting candidates who will ultimately join a company and make a significant contribution is what those who run a business recognize as vital. But to find the right people who have the necessary talents, as well as the capacity to embrace the unique culture of the company, that’s the challenge. Hiring is complex; fortunately, Word of Mouth understands and embraces the nuances of the process.

Word of Mouth differentiates itself by straddling the relationship between client and candidate. That straddling allows Word of Mouth to develop relationships of unique depth which ultimately serve the client, and the candidate. Neither party is lost in the process or left wondering about the status of the search. Constant communication is the standard. And it is maintained from start to finish.

From defining the position, to resourcing candidates, to surfacing trends and information about industry developments, to identifying the best person for the role, to negotiating a suitable compensation package, Word of Mouth stays in touch. The result, clients recognize the hiring process as successful and an opportunity to further their success, while candidates feel they have been shown respect and are eager to get started.